There comes a time when the size and logistics of looking after a house can affect the safety of the senior. Families are busy and having to deal with these complex issues can be overwhelming for everyone.

Moving, downsizing and letting go of possessions can be stressful. Choices too quickly made without understanding the consequences, can lead to hurt, conflict, guilt, and long term regret.

Making the right strategy can relieve a great deal of stress. Talk to us as we can assist.

Staying at home or transitioning into a Long Term Care 

Since more and more seniors wish to remain in their homes and there are long ‘wait times’ to get into Long Term Care homes, being prepared in advance is far better than having to make serious decisions at last minute.

Transitioning into a Long Term Care Residence is a highly sensitive issue that can fragment a family for a lifetime.

The intervention of an experienced neutral third party with a choice of possible positive solutions can make all the difference in peacefully resolving these personal and complex issues.

No one knows what it takes to be a caregiver better than another caregiver!