There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ family.

Family Conflicts can add further stress to an already difficult job! 

Conflicts can arise from:

  • misunderstandings
  • disagreements
  • lack of cooperation
  • feelings of abandonment
  • painful judgments from your family or friends
  • parent’s changes in mental or physical condition
  • changes in balance of power
  • abuse (of the one cared for or the caregiver)
  • disagreements with professional care services
  • legal matters
  • All of the above, and more, if not addressed professionally, could tear a family apart for the rest of their lives.

For reference:  

Pathfinder Conflict Coaching can make all the difference in preserving individual values and protecting family bonds. Conflict Coaching can resolve particular issues in a confidential, safe, and mutually respectful manner, helping you regain your strength, resilience and stamina.

Go to to find out what a neutral Professional Personal Conflict Coach can do for you.

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The process is sensitive, confidential, and respectful.

No one knows what it takes to be a caregiver better than another caregiver!